About Us

Spiritually, and most importantly, we are a people whose lives have been transformed by the truth and grace of God. While we are still a far from perfect people, we seek to help each other live according to the truth that God has given us in His Word. In so doing, it is our deepest desire to fulfill our ultimate purpose – bringing glory to God

Denominationally, we are a Southern Baptist church. That means that we are in friendly cooperation with other Southern Baptist churches. The principle areas in which this cooperation is demonstrated is in our united efforts for missions and theological education. While we do cooperate with non-SBC churches, the level of cooperation depends upon the level of our agreement on important theological and cultural issues. In other words, our level of participation will correspond to our level of agreement.

Theologically, we are a Bible-believing church. While the term “conservative” is often portrayed as “mean spirited”, we seek to hold conservative beliefs while still being a loving and gracious people. We do believe that God’s Word is the only true and trustworthy guide for all areas of life. From the Bible, we derive our principles for living.

When it comes to our church’s personality, we are truly a grace and truth centered church.  Regardless of where you are at in life or where you have been in the past, you are welcome at Bethel and you will experience that when you visit.  Our heart is that you feel comfortable when you come to Bethel and that you experience God’s love for you.  We believe that God has a plan for each of us and we at Bethel are keenly aware that He is not done with us yet and He is not done with you yet either.  Come and join us and be a part of God’s Kingdom faithfully seeking to know God in a personal way, serve Him with your heart and life, and proclaim His message of salvation to the lost.